गोविन्दमादिपुरुषं तामहं भजामि

Govindam adi purusham tam aham bjajaami – Brahma Samhitaa

“I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord” – trans. by Bhaktisiddhaanta Sarasvatii Gosvaamii Thaakura

An interesting alternate meaning to “bjaj” is “enjoy carnally.” It has further meanings of “adore, worship, love, court, cook, give, favor, partake of and to be devoted to.” This has special significance with respect to Krishna, given the fact that the worshipper is represented by Radha and participates in an eternal love affair with God as her consort. The additional meanings of the word apply, as well, as these are elaborations on this concept and specify how we are to worship God, which is with devotion and with the intent to take Him completely within ourselves – he is present in the act of cooking (by the flickering flame of Agni), the act of offering and the act of partaking. We also worship our other half, and he or she consumes the offering as we also reflect this same act within ourselves.


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