Breath of Life

“My true will carries me along… and the spirit of love, is rising within me, talking to you now, telling you clearly: The fire still burns.”

“Every man and every woman is a star.”

Each individual is a separate atman, carried through life by the choice of free will and the momentum of the interwoven mesh of the orbits of each star circling through life – however, two wills can become one, when soul mates meet on the battlefield of Kurukshetra and dance together in the infinite flame of love.

The greatest magical act that two people can create together is procreation. Birth gives rise to new beings that while intimately linked to the parents are wholly their own and separate. Each child has his or her own destiny shaped in the collective fabric of human interaction, each will playing out separately as in the orbit of separate stars. The greatest gift other than that of life that the parents can give to their children is a loving home life and instruction in how to live life to its fullest, including knowing right from wrong, how to plot their own course and to live life with God. The love of the parents forms the model the children can use to seek their own way in life and prepares for them to meet their own soul mate.

The intertwined mantras of the parents forms the subtle and harmonious music by which the children learn to stand, walk and pass into adulthood – as productive members of society, magicians and mystics in their own right and progenitors of their own families.


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